Friday, January 07, 2005



I've been using the social tag based picture service, Flickr for some time now. I really like it. I uploaded a bunch of pics today so check them out.

Flickr works like this: you upload photos and add tags to them, i.e "Family", "Christmas", "Tsunami". Anyone can view any individual's particular tag or everyone's photo with the tag. The Tsunami is a great example of that, (if not heart wrenching).

I love the user interface. You'll have to try the service to know what I really mean, but once you start using it you go: "Yes, that's just want I wanted!". You can upload photos via email and have them post to your blog by typing the blog entry in the body of the email. You can grab the URL of the pic for posting online. Want to edit the file name of the picture? Click the file name and it becomes and edit box. Want to add tags to a photo? Click add and type them in, click save and they appear without a page refresh. How do they do that?

You can also view a slide show of a tag via Flash, and the upload tools are first class. I installed a registry entry that makes the crazy "Publish these file to the web" link that appears in Windows XP folders actually useful -- I can upload pics to Flickr from within a folder in XP. Sweet.

(On a side note -- as much as I hate the concept of Wal*Mart, we have been using their online service to upload photos from home into their 1-Hour Photo system. Upload pics from home, drive to Wal*Mart and hour later and pick them up. Very useful if you're busy)

Here are some useful links to my photos: