Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Family Update

Lots of stuff going on these days.

Karrie and I have been getting back into playing lots of table tennis, (still trying to get used to calling it 'table-tennis' as opposed to 'ping-pong"). Ron has started up a club in Maine for students and brought his enthusiasm here the other weekend. We finally switched to the new rules of play and are using the new bigger ball a year or two after the rules went into effect.

Games are now played to 11 points with the serve switching players every 2 points. That, combined with the new bigger ball makes for a more exciting game I think, and levels the field of play if there is a big contrast in the players abilities. But, that was the point of the rule change :) Ron got me an unexpected new paddle -- a Darker Power Touch blade with Juic 999 Elite Utima rubber on one side and Driva Smash on the other. Oh how I love shouting "DRIVA SMASH!" in a Asian accent when I get a good slam in. I'm gonna check out the local table-tennis club this week. Hopefully I can increase my skill level and beat Ron.

Mesa got a new cast the other day. Goretex waterproof inner material with a purple fiberglass wrapping with glow-in-the-dark stripes:
The cast was shortened to a half-cast and she may get it off for good in two weeks :) I'll post the x-rays tomorrow when I can scan them at work. The bone has healed very nicely.

Soon we'll be butchering our 6 turkeys. We are selling 4 and keeping 2 for ourselves for T-Day and X-Mas. The 4 we sell will pay for the 2 we keep when it is all said and done. Fresh turkey is great -- especially when you know where it came from and how it was raised. Looking forward to Thanksgiving. It's Christmas without the bullshit as my friend Nat says. I have to agree. My favorite holiday. Lots of good food and then we play table-tennis into the night.