Monday, October 04, 2004

Back from our trip!

So, Kar and I have returned from Trenton, NJ where we saw our favorite band, Ween, play live for 3 hours. The show was fantastic. I was worth all of the effort and then some. In fact, I met a few people who came from Virginia, (7 hours), and someone who drove from CT and then back again that night!

Here is the recap. 5 hour drive to NJ. We got a hotel room in Morrisville, PA which is just across the river and about a mile and a half from the venue, The Conduit. We arrived at 5pm on Sunday – the doors were opening at the show at 7:30pm. We got into the hotel, drank some beers and ordered a pizza. I called a cab to pick us up at 7pm and bring us to the show. The cab showed up, and we had to give the guy directions to the place. He got lost and then pulled over by the Police a stones throw away from the venue.

We see a big line outside on the sidewalk. As we are walking to end I hear someone say: “Jeremy – is your name Jeremy?” I say, “ya”, and he tells me he is Sled, the moderator of the Ween Trading Circle Forum. He recognized me from a picture I posted on the Forum a few weeks ago. Nice. He lives in Montpellier, VT. We meet a ton of other Forum folks and discover there is a stand set up outside selling beer to the people waiting in line. We have a good time hanging out with folks and we finally get inside at about 8:30.

We got a spot right next to the stage, in front of Deaner, the lead guitarist. (See the back of my shaved head in the pic?). I stood there for the next 3 hours and five minutes and rocked out. It was incredible. Ween played 40 songs, including one that I requested! I even got to shake hands with each member of the band as they exited the stage.

40 songs. 3 hours and 5 minutes.

After the show, we called a cab and then crashed out in our hotel room. It was 1:30 AM at this point. What a night!

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Bloggin' on the road I just had to post from the road because Ican;)

Kar and I are at a Holiday Inn Express in Morrisville, PA right now getting ready to see Ween play tonight. The hotel has free high speed internet access.

Ween is our favorite band. Check out this Quicktime clip of a song from the venue we are seeing them at tonight.