Thursday, September 30, 2004

Our broody ladies

So, we have a couple of hens that are really “broody” right now. For those not familiar with the chicken nomenclature, that means they sit on eggs all day long. So when the kids go to collect the eggs, they have to lift these broody ladies up and sneak the eggs out from under them. It has not been a problem.

We have another thing happening too. The eggs are being fertilized. I think Terran described this best when he shouted to Mesa: “That rooster is biting and climbing on top of Speckled!” Yes, love is in the air. We have like 6 roosters now, (how did that happen?), and they having relations with the ladies like mad! You can always tell when you hear a loud “BAWK BAWK BAWK BAWK” and then see a hen come blazing around the corner closely followed by a hot and bothered rooster.

So Karrie told me that yesterday the kids and she had come up with a plan. They want to see if those broody hens can hatch some chicks. She said they are really getting into it now because she has found feathers in the nest boxes. She told me that the hens will pull they breast feathers off to make the nest when they are serious. And they only get up once a day for food and drink. That’s dedication.

So Kar and the kids created a couple of nest boxes that are set apart and marked the eggs with a marker. One of the broody hens got into the new nest box just fine. The other one would have nothing to do with it and went to the old one even though the eggs were not there. We’ll see if she figures it out. It takes 3 weeks to hatch the eggs. The kids will have fun observing this process. I’ll post updates here.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Broken Arm Update

Mesa went back to the doctor this past Monday and they said her bone has slipped back to the broken position. They are going to leave it as it is. They said it is a fairly common thing with kids.

The bone will just find a new center, grow and fill in the gap, and then eat away the nub that sticks out! Crazy, eh? This process will take about a year. (She'll only have the cast for 6 weeks though).

The other options were to knock her out and set the bone again -- which they said may just return to the broken position again, or perform surgery and put a plate and pins in. This option is not a good idea for kids as it may mess up the growth of the arm.

She'll go back in 4 weeks and they may be able to put a short cast on :)

She choose a light-blue cast so one could clearly see the writing when people sign her cast. Should I get her one of these: