Monday, September 20, 2004

Broken Arm

Mesa was rollerblading at the Lebanon Skate Park on Friday when she fell backwards and broke her arm. Ouch!

She did a great job in the ER. They had to sedate her and then make the bones line up before putting on the cast. She can't remember that part, thank goodness. Here is a close up of the break:

And here is the cast on Mesa:

You'll notice that the cast is cut all the way down it. It's actually cut on both sides. That's to allow swelling of the arm without cutting off circulation. We go back in a week to have a new cast put on without the cuts. She'll even get to pick a color. Hopefully after a few weeks it can be shortened to a half cast. All-and-all it will be 6 weeks in a cast.

After we were home she said "What if I still have the cast on at Halloween -- I know, I'll just be a paitent." In the ER she was saying "I'm not a patient patient" -- we had to wait quite a lot between steps. We were there for about 5 1/2 hours.