Thursday, May 27, 2004

Free Wi-Fi in Portsmouth, NH

"The first year had 600 unique users connect to a free hotspot in the Market Square area. They’re extending that and hoping for twice the users using donated services and hardware."

Nice. I'll have to remember to bring the Area51m next time I'm in Portsmouth...

It's here!

It's here! Nat got the Lucas Knight film, After The Beep, today in the mail at work.
We watched most of it at lunch. I'll post a full review soon...

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Al Gore's Remarks

In December of 2000, even though I strongly disagreed with the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to order a halt to the counting of legally cast ballots, I saw it as my duty to reaffirm my own strong belief that we are a nation of laws and not only accept the decision, but do what I could to prevent efforts to delegitimize George Bush as he took the oath of office as president.

I did not at that moment imagine that Bush would, in the presidency that ensued, demonstrate utter contempt for the rule of law and work at every turn to frustrate accountability...


The previous post is a picture of the guy named Calvin who was the town "bum" in Brunswick, Maine. My Mom lives in Topsham, the next town over, and I can remember seeing Calvin in downtown Brunswick throughout my childhood. He would sniff glue and was banned from all of the local drug stores due to his habit. I remember my Mom had this hand-drawn map of Brunswick -- all cartoon style-- and Calvin was drawn on the map. He was something of a local legend in the area. I'm sure if you talked with anyone who attended Bowdoin College in the last 20 years they would know of Calvin.

He died a while ago. My Mom told me and I felt pretty sad about it. All sorts of people came out for the service I guess and wrote to the local paper with their Calvin stories. He was pretty harmless and apparently well-liked guy.

My Mom sent me that pic of Calvin today. When I saw it I knew immediately who he was, even without reading the email. I forgot that he had died.

Glasses up to Calvin! The man, the legend.

Calvin - R.I.P.

After the Beep

So, the Lucas Knight movie my coworker Nat ordered, After The Beep, has still not arrived. He's trying to track down Lucas Knight himself to ask him where is movie is. It's a bummer is not here yet, because based on this review that Nat justed IM'd me, it looks like it will rock!