Saturday, July 24, 2004

Mesa's 8th Birthday Party

Mesa had her birthday party today. Lots of fun and good friends. I spent a lot of time holding Karen's new baby.

Pete and I hooked up Mesa's new zip line -- a wire strung from two trees with a trolley with handles that the kids use to zip down the line. After much tinkering, we found that attaching the end where the kids would zip to worked out better if was higher than the start. This makes it so that when they hop and on and weight the line down, they don't go screaming in to the tree and don't smash the plastic trolley into the wire tighteners, which damages it.

At one point I looked over and Pete was on the ground covered with kids. :) He mentioned to me earlier that he has never had grandkids before -- I guess he got his fill today.

Hard to believe I have an eight year old daughter now. Mesa has really grown a lot. I really enjoy hanging out with her. We have a lot in common. We like movies and technology and games and learning. Hanging with her at this age is like hanging with an old friend. We've been really getting into the Wrinkle in Time book series. The second book, A Wind in the Door, is quite philosophical. I was quite impressed that Mesa picked up the message loud and clear.

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